The developments in the field of technology are astonishing and it seems only to increase with time. In this new era of technology, we and our kids are exposed to something that no previous generations have ever been. As an adult, we understand the technology has his advantages and disadvantages but when it comes to our kids we are bewildered as to divulge the technology to them or not, and if yes, when is the right time for them to have their eyes stuck on television and their hands taping the iPhones. We are here to give you some expert reasons received from best early learning centre adelaide and experts for why children should be exposed to technology with all its benefits.

Infinite Learning Opportunities

In earlier times, the kids have a certain number of educational toys and books and they were dependent on their parents to teach them. Modern technology has given way to thousands of online books, helpful videos, educational games and poems, and other online learning tools. This allows the kids to learn at a faster pace and help them absorb more information than any previous generations. And most importantly, parents don’t need to fret about their child using the gadgets as it all comes with a strict parental guide.

Experts say YES to technology 

Psychologists entirely negate the idea that exposure to technology makes a child anti-social rather they deduced from several pieces of research that children usually divide their time between technological and non-technological activities such as playing outdoors or interacting with friends and toys. This shows that children who are allowed to have screen time are prone to have information on their fingertips plus they adhere to a balance with adequate social interaction. With the invention of technology and electronic gadgets, children are learning like never before. 

A blessing for special kids 

Recent research has confirmed that technology helps children with learning disabilities. Such applications and programs are designed that help special children to develop and adopt skills they lack and adjust their learning pace. It is also researched that children tend to learn more with assistive technology rather than in a classroom full of students where individual attention is rare. The online applications, lessons, and games are designed to assist children in learning and playing. Technology has boosted their confidence and self-esteem and allowed them to participate in daily tasks and in their community that was not previously possible.


Parental Guidance is a must!

If you are such a parent who negates the idea of a child using the technology, it would not be fair to them in this competitive age. But it comes with few precautions and carefully measured steps. We agree on a child’s exposure to technology but with careful implementation. As kids of three years must have no or less than an hour of interaction with technology, the kids of four or above them must not use technology for more than two hours a day. But preventing the complete use of technology would restrict your child from growing with the cognitive factor of technology that other kids might have.