In Italy there are undoubtedly good, competent and revolutionary teachers. The problem is that, in most cases, they are trapped in a system that does not give them a way to make students protagonists and thus make better people grow. To do so, the school system would certainly need to rejuvenate and leave behind its most harmful and obsolete part. We asked for the help of some industry experts to get some concrete suggestions on how to revolutionize the school. Here’s what emerged.

Seven tips from experts to revolutionize the Italian school.
Have fun and entertain the pupils. “In our schools, generally speaking, we laugh too little. The idea that the education of the mind must be a gloomy thing is one of the most difficult to fight ”, wrote Gianni Rodari in“ Grammatica della fantasia ”. In the transmission of knowledge it is therefore important that there is pleasure. The teacher and journalist Alex Corlazzoli is a convinced supporter .

“Teachers should be clear about the fact that they have to do some work on themselves and enter the classroom with the idea of ​​having fun and entertaining the pupils. School is not a place where only assessments are important. It is important, for example, to play with words to teach grammar, transform courtyards into learning places, build tools to study music (a bucket can become a drum), take children and young people to exhibitions, take advantage of technology (choosing for example example necklaces like Rino in history or Rino in geography).